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Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Marketing is a social media advertising and marketing approach wherein an influencer endorses a brand or business and its products or services. The creator or influencer gets rewarded in various forms such as free products, cash, or other monetary forms. In last few years, Instagram influencer marketing has taken the social media and digital marketing world by storm. With growing popularity of Instagram, the user base of this social media platform has exploded. Instagram influencers started making a living from sponsored posts and collaborations.

In the digital marketing world, Instagram is one the most popular influencer marketing channels, with almost two-third of the brands using it. Brands and businesses often collaborate with influencers related to their niche so they can target the relevant and engaged audience. Creators produce content (posts, reels, stories) to promotes brands and its products. This marketing approach helps brands to tap into the influencer’s followers and build awareness for products and services.

How to do Instagram influencer marketing?

When any of your friends recommend you a product or service, you value their suggestions. Influencer Marketing works kind of similar way. Fans and followers trust and value creators and influencers. That’s why, whenever influencers recommend your brand or business, their audience listen. When a brand collaborate with an influencer to endorse its products, it gains exposure to a engaged audience that will lead to outstanding business opportunities and outcomes.

What are the benefits of Instagram influencer marketing

Grow brand awareness and reach

There are many influencers on different social media networks such as Instagram who have a huge audience base. If you can collaborate with the right influencers from your niche, this will create a great opportunity for you to reach lot of potential customers. Influencers make the promotion of your brand and business more engaging for their audience, and therefore you get more visibility and better business. They might be using different Instagram methods like Reels and Stories for the influencer marketing. This way, audiences feel more connected and engagement rate will be almost same as any other posts from the creator.

Influencers are more trustworthy to their followers

Creators and influencers build their audience group over a long period of time. People get inspired from them and trust their opinions and recommendations. Many research studies have shown that people are likely to connect more to influencers over traditional celebrities. This opens up a great opportunity for the brands and businesses to tap into this digital marketing method to make most out of it.

Better ROI than traditional marketing

Influencer marketing on Instagram has proven to be more revenue generating than any other traditional marketing methods. With Google and Facebook Ads, a brand gets roughly $2 in sales for $1 in ad spending. With social media influencer marketing, brands get $6.07 in sales for $1 in ad spending. So if you are not using this form of digital marketing yet, you are losing out on opportunities.

Time saving than conventional marketing

In conventional marketing method, you need to spend a lot of money in hiring a marketing agency and spend long time in creating the marketing materials. Also it takes time to spread the word with such marketing methods and it is hard to track the progress and performance. Using Instagram for influencer marketing is much more time saving because the influencers and creators will build the content for you and share with huge number of followers. Also, Racontor will provide the Instagram influencer analytics tools for free so that you can track the performance of your campaign.

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