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Micro Influencer Marketing for Small Business

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing where brands partner with social media content creators to promote their products or services. The influencers endorse these products or services to their engaging audience. Through such partnership influencers and brands are able to leverage the trust amongst the audience which will help turn them into consumers. Influencers use a very effective digital marketing strategy and that increases social proof.

Who Are Micro Influencers?

Micro influencers are content creators who have less than 100,000 followers or subscribers. These creators could be from any specific niches such as Music, Art, Travel, Fashion, Fitness etc. This group of influencers might not have a huge follower base, but they have a significant social media impact. Micro influencers are deeply connected with their audience base, and that leads to a greater engagement rate. Such influencers grow dedicated communities over time who value their product recommendation. This is because, the audience feel like the suggestion is coming from a friend, not a celebrity promotional campaign

Benefits of collaborating with Micro influencers

More targeted audience

Micro influencers have the highest targeted audiences when compared to macro and mega influencers. Whenever a brand or business wants to reach a specific audience base, it is better placed to collab with micro influencers. You need to figure out your audience group first, then choose the micro influencers specific to the niche.

Better Credibility

Micro influencers on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have the most loyal audience base. These followers trust them over traditional celebrities. People find these influencers credible because many of the micro influencers share their experiences and recommendations about brands and products that they use in daily life.

High engagement rate

Micro influencers have one of the highest engagement rates because their audiences can easily connect with them. People find the shared content authentic and that tends to turns the viewers into consumers. Research studies found that micro influencer campaigns bring in 60% higher engagement rate when compared with mega influencers.

Affordable than macro and mega influencers

Micro influencers are normally much more affordable than traditional celebrities or mega influencers. Most of the micro influencers on Instagram or YouTube in the USA or Canada charge less than $500 for a promotion post or video.

How to find micro influencers

There are many ways to find micro influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You may individually go thru social media to find influencers, look for the follower and subscriber count, check their posts or videos views and likes, figure out contact methods and connect with them to find out if they are interested. This is a very time-consuming and ineffective method. There is an alternative method that is much more effective and time saver. The best way to find micro influencers will be by using an influencer marketing platform like Racontor. Word of shout will provide everything needed to run a successful micro influencer campaign in the USA Canada or anywhere in the world.

Start using Racontor, the best micro influencer platform, to hire the right influencers for your next social media campaign.

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