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Macro Influencer Marketing for Small and Medium Business

Macro Influencers are most used in influencer marketing strategy. In this form of social media marketing, brands connect with social media content creators to have them endorse their products on different platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Instagram macro influencers will promote the partnered brands to their trustworthy engaged Instagram audience. Influencers and brands connect to pursue their partnership and leverage the trust amongst the audience. This process will help to turn the viewers into customers. This digital marketing method is proven to be successful for all marketers.

Who Are Macro Influencers?

Macro influencers are content creators with follower counts between 100,000 and 1,000,000. Many established brands feel that macro social media influencers offer the best value when compared with mega influencers. Their large and engaged audience fits any niche and brings in great value. These influencers are experienced and have built their audience from scratch with hard work and dedication. This is why most macro influencers are experts in running successful brand collaborations.

These social media macro influencers know their audience very well because they have built the relationship over the years. That’s why the influencers give preference to maintaining good relations with the followers. They never want to risk their reputation over a wrong sponsoring or improper brand collaboration.

Benefits of Macro Influencer Marketing

Relevant audience – macro influencers on YouTube and Instagram has the highest targeted audience. No matter what the niche is, you will get the most loyal audiences that have greater chances of being customers.

Big reach – even though macro influencers do not have a gigantic audience in millions, they have both a large audience reach and extremely high engagement rates. This will provide the brands with an ideal result and great conversion rate.

Professional – on different platforms like YouTube and Instagram, macro influencers work with brands and businesses to create high-quality content that appeals the audience and makes them feel connected. This process will streamline the collaboration and both influencers and brands can be benefited.

Easier to find – micro influencers are easy to find because they actively look for brand partnerships. That’s why you don’t need to worry about if they even do collaborations.

How much Macro Influencers cost?

Since these influencers and creators got a huge audience base, they cost higher than micro influencers. Still their fee is significantly lower than mega influencers. Macro influencers on YouTube and Instagram cost between $100 and $5k depending on how big the influencers and creators are. Different creators got different price ranges and you need to find that out to work with the right influencers.

Where can we find Macro Influencers?

There are many influencer marketing platforms, but most of them are extremely expensive. Most small and medium businesses cannot afford such expensive platforms’ subscriptions. Racontor is here to help by providing outstanding influencer marketing solutions at free of cost. We offer all the features of expensive tools for absolutely free. Start using our platform today!

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